Sugar: Visceral Fat?

Visceral Fat is the fat that surrounds the internal organs.  Large deposits of visceral fat are stored mainly in and around the abdomen leading to “the pot belly” or “the extra tire”

Visceral Fat is also one of the major causes of heart disease and diabetes.

One common cause of visceral fat is overeating, specifically eating too much sugar!

The holidays are over so now is the time to step up your game so that you can avoid the dreaded “pot belly.” Diet and exercise are key in your fight against visceral fat and its correlated diseases.  Here are some simple tips to help you avoid the pot belly effect:

About Diet:

  • Drink 1 cup of water before every meal to help you eat less
  • Be sure to get enough fiber 25-35 grams per day
  • Try to limit sugar to 32g/ day or about 8 teaspoons (1 teaspoon is equal to approximately 4.2 grams)
  • Eat an apple before lunch, the fiber and water content help to fill you up
  • Try to choose a less dense cereal instead of the heavy granola types which can pack up to 38g of sugar per cup! Multi-grain Cherrios are a great choice at only 120 calories per cup and 6g of sugar
  • Avoid fruit juices which can pack up to 32g in ½ a cup.  Or try mixing ¼ cup juice with ¼ cup water to reduce the sugar but still enjoy.
  • Try to limit non-organic animal proteins as these may contain hormones which promote the storage of visceral fat.

About Exercise:

  • Make a plan.  Whether it is a weekly plan, bi-weekly plan or monthly plan, schedule time for workouts indoors and out! 
  • Make realistic goals write them down and track your progress
  • Write down how many times you are going to work out per week and write down the duration of your workout aim for 1 hour.
  • Don’t do it alone.  Find a workout buddy whether it is a personal trainer or a pal from work, an extra set of eyes to make sure you do it and that you do it correctly!
  • Try to split up your hour into 20 or even 10minute intervals
  • Example: 20mins cardio, 20mins weight training and 20mins core and stretch.

 – Posted by Trainer Nicole Kodric

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