Why Am I Thankful?

Hmmm… I posted this last year but I thought I should re-post it just in case some missed to read it last year, and also to re-emphasize how thankful I am for the great things I have, for the good people around me and for the many experiences still about to come. This year, I met a few amazing people who have influenced me in many different ways and helped me to grow further. I also learned a lot and gained a few achievements that I can highly be proud of. On that note this re-post is dedicated to everyone who touched my life, who shared their joys and setbacks with me, to those who mentored and challenged me to become a better person, and to those who always make the effort to keep me smiling and think that life is indeed beautiful!

I am thankful for the career I love and enjoy.

For the job that allows me to help make a difference in people’s lives. For the position that allows me to manage and work with the best team of personal trainers. For the company that supports me to become a better employee and provides great challenges and opportunities. For the clients who trust me to guide, motivate and help achieve their health and fitness goals. For the colleagues who have become my second family.

I am thankful for the family who loves me.

For the parents who worked so hard to give me a good education and attain a profession. For the siblings who inspire me to become a stronger and more responsible person. For the friends who stand by me when life gets tough. For the experiences I’ve been through, for the people I met and shared great moments with, for the places I’ve been, for the things that I’ve seen.

I am thankful for the body I have.

The one that allows me to run even with a knee problem… that allows me to perform sets of squats and push ups… that allows me to support my body weight while twisting into various yoga poses… that permits me to enjoy moments of strength and calm when I practice pilates… that has been well despite of some minor health issues.

Forever, I am thankful.

– Princess Labrador

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