Balance your mind, Balance your body, and the rest of your life will come together.

Thank you to everyone who continues to follow our blog!

Without your support,comments and commitment  we could not keep this running. 

Of course some of you reading this article love to practice yoga, and some love to hit the weights, and some love to pound out a couple miles on the treadmill.  But are you balancing your workouts properly? 

Research suggests that meditative exercise helps to lower your daily dose of stress hormones such as cortisol or adrenaline that can undermine the immune system.  Mental health can sometimes be taken for granted by the jogging junkies and the muscle bound weight pusher.  We need to create balance in our lives in all areas including mental health, cardio respiratory conditioning, resistance training, finding a rewarding and meaningful career for yourself and of course building and maintaining an intimate relationship.

Come down to the Steve Nash Sports Club to try our yoga, meditation and Pilates classes with one of our amazing instructors. 

Remember to stay committed to both mental and physical health and the rest of your life will come together.

Jesse Neufield 

Steve Nash Sports Club Downtown

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