Do it right, do it with a trainer!

As we head into the fall – and a lovely fall it has been so far – and start to spend more time indoors (yes, including the gym), this is an excellent opportunity to revisit and refresh your workout program.  You may have new short and medium term goals at this time of year – for example:  buffing up for party season, prioritizing physical activity to counter stress, embarking on a solid nutrition program to manage weight, or even pre-conditioning for winter sports.

This month we have several incentives for members, including a Whistler weekend giveaway and free workout attire.  It’s easy to qualify for both:  simply bring in a friend as a guest to earn entry slips in our draw, or team up with one of our personal trainers to take advantage of our 4+1 session package promotion.

The value of a trainer is unfortunately often underestimated.  Even motivated and very fit exercisers will benefit from  adding variety and new movements to their routine.  Neuromuscular recruitment has a learning curve:  when we perform an exercise for the first time it breaks new ground and literally creates new pathways on a physiological level.  Repetition brings familiarity and improvement, and over time we acquire movement efficiency and progress in the form of change levels off.  Once we get good at something we hit a plateau, and we therefore need to expose our bodies to new and more challenging stimuli to start the learning and mastery process again.

Trainers do more than just write programs for their clients.  They analyze movement patterns and make corrections and suggestions, they take a big picture perspective to make sure that a client’s nutritional regimen is supporting their training and goals, and they keep their clients accountable for their progress.  And then there’s the whole fun aspect.  When a workout does more than just run through a roster of exercises but also adds intellectual and creative stimulation, that hour in the gym becomes a truly enjoyable experience.  After all, it is our mission to make fitness the best part of your day.

Stop by the training office and book your complimentary consultation with one of our 20+ trainers this week!

Posted by Laurie Smith, SNSC Downtown Personal Trainer

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