Ready, Set, WIN!

It’s hard to believe but in just over six weeks it will be Christmas, followed by the end of 2012.  Most people already have their holiday plans in place and some are already thinking ahead to the New Year.

But 2012 isn’t over yet.  There is still time to make some changes (and why not get a head start?) and move yourself in the direction you want to be heading.

When it comes to fitness there is no substitute for doing the work – sweat and all.  Don’t be fooled by infomercials that promise you an amazing body after 3 weeks in only 6 minutes a day.  Sorry folks – but there is no magic wand.  Our bodies are designed to move and work:  to be strong, flexible, balanced and to have stamina.

If you’re tired of doing the same old, or want to get out of a yawn-inducing plateau, or just want to add something more INTERESTING to your gym routine, pick the brain of one of our trainers.  Chances are you’ll learn something new.

Treat yourself to a complimentary consultation or demo session with the trainer of your choice and become re-inspired, not to mention better friends with yourself.   You will WIN by revitalizing your exercise program!

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