Laurie Smith

I have been working with Laurie since September 2010. I knew I wanted to work with her as soon as I came across her profile on the web because of her qualifications but have stayed with her because what she has made fitness mean to me. Her style of training has showed me that exercise can be an activity that is incredibly fun. I always leave the gym with a smile on my face and feel completely invigorated. Laurie is extremely knowledgeable and has a knack for finding tricks that appeal to her clients interests whether it be re-naming an exercise to fit a particular theme or setting a scene for the imagination to push through those last few reps. She encourages me to work hard and challenge myself with each exercise. I feel extremely accomplished after each workout and even more motivated as time goes on. I look forward to training with her every session and can’t wait to see what she has in store for me on any given day.

                                                                      – Client Ashley Hamilton


I have known Laurie since 2008, when I began training with her at the Steve Nash Sports Club. I am a runner and decided to join the Sports Club for cross-training and to rehabilitate some nagging injuries. I had no intention of hiring a personal trainer; however I found that the time I spent at the gym was unfocused and unproductive. I decided to hire a personal trainer for a few sessions, which is how I met Laurie, and I have been training with her ever since.

Professional, creative and encouraging are words that come to mind to describe Laurie as a trainer. Laurie is extremely professional and very respectful of her clients. She is well prepared for every session with her custom designed programs; not a moment is wasted. Because my focus is staying healthy for running, Laurie creates programs that specifically target the areas that I need to strengthen. She shows creativity by utilizing traditional types of equipment (weights, BOSU, benches, etc.) with newer types (TRX). In the time that I have been training with Laurie the workouts are never routine or boring. If I have aches or pains (from running), Laurie will design a program to deal with them! Laurie is always positive and upbeat. She is able to push me beyond what I am comfortable doing while never risking injury. I always get a reminder from Laurie a few days before our next session and am always consulted if there is anything that I would specifically like to work on. 

Since I have been training with Laurie, I have been injury free, and have not missed a single run. Laurie has encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle through exercise, better diet and a positive outlook. Thanks to Laurie, I am in better physical shape than I have ever been.I would not hesitate to recommend Laurie to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer. I hope that this letter achieves what I intended; to portray a professional, creative and encouraging trainer who is dedicated to helping people meet their fitness goals and make positive changes in their lives.

                                                                     – Client Larry McPherson

Phil Wittmer

When I first came to see Phil I was in the worst shape of my life! I explained to Phil that I play lacrosse professionally and what I needed to work on. Phil put together a specific workout each session that was fresh and different. I had seen a few different trainers in the past but the workouts quickly got stale and I stopped going. Phil has been a huge reason for my success on the lacrosse floor. I have gone from the 3rd string goalie to sharing time as the starter. This past season I played all of our playoff games and won the NLL Championship! Phil helped me increase my endurance, foot speed and has helped me reach all of my goals. Phil is not only a great trainer but is also a great guy who pushes you in a way that is enjoyable and a makes you want to work harder. I recommend Phil to anyone who is just starting out or any athlete looking to elevate their game!

                                      – Client Tyler Richards, Washington Stealth

Phil Wittmer

As a goalie on the UBC varsity soccer team agility, fitness, and overall strength have always been a major part of my game.  During my offseason in the summer of 2010, I began to work with Phil Wittmer at the Steve Nash Sports Club which is located downtown Vancouver.  Coming off knee surgery and intense physiotherapy, Phil looked at my injury issues like no other trainer and helped me attack the imbalances in my body to prevent more injuries.  By first working on these problems Phil helped me to become less injury prone as I was beginning to get labeled, and this year I completed a full season without any knee injuries, which was a first.  After working on my health we began to train for strength, speed, and overall fitness.  Phil designed a personal program for me that applied to my specific position as a goalkeeper.  He realized that my reaction time and hand eye coordination were also important to maintain so he incorporated those two major factors into my workouts.  Phil’s strength and agility workouts drastically improved my game as going into training camp my coaches all noticed a huge improvement to my foot speed my overall speed and my fitness level.  During the 2009 season I was red-shirted (practice squad) and with Phil’s help I challenged the position for the starting keeper, eventually becoming the back up.  I played a few games in the 2010 season and my team the UBC men’s soccer team came second in the country, losing in the national finals in Toronto to York University.  Phil’s strength as a trainer is his ability to make a workout for you, creating new exercises that specifically apply to your sport or your physical goals.  With previous team trainers and other personal trainers I was categorized as a soccer player, never being identified as a keeper. Phil immediately recognized my goals and helped me achieve them.  Besides being able to train you, Phil is an overall quality guy who pushes you hard in training, and will work overtime to make sure you have a proper stretch at the end of your workout.  I highly recommend Phil’s services as a personal trainer, and as a high level athlete I can say that he was able to improve my overall game and success in my sport exponentially.

                                           – Client Matt Robinson, UBC Varsity Soccer Team


Dylan Steyns

I started training with Dylan since February 2010 due to a shoulder and back injury from a car accident on January 3, 2008. I went through 6 months of physiotherapy feeling great!! Shortly a few months later, I started feeling very stiff and noticed having pain from bending forward or squating down. I have developed a deep passion for fitness through the years I’ve been going to the gym. I have never set limits as long as I can do it! Once I started my rehab training with Dylan, I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my back and shoulder. Pain and stiffness had disappeared within a few months under Dylan’s expert direction and training. In the beginning it certainly wasn’t easy at all!! It’s shocking how an injury can affect a person so much. I kept on working out at the gym regardless of my injury even if it slows me down or gives me pain! Dylan has shown me that proper training and rest is extremely important!! Over training can cause hurting our body and not giving it time to recover. Regardless if u have an injury or not, Dylan has a great sense of humour. He will strongly provide you the best care and attention  to reach a balance of a quality of a healthier lifestyle change. I would “DEFINITELY” recommend him to anyone whether you have an injury or not! Dylan will constantly improve or challenge you to a whole new level that you wouldn’t believe!! Dylan, I am forever grateful thank you so much!!!!

                                                                             – Client Jennifer Wong

Jemal Jones

I have been training with Jemal since April 2009 and I can not believe the results! I feel stronger, way more fit and have more energy than ever. I can honestly say that Jemal has transformed my body and my life. I have lost weight (over 10 pounds) and gained muscle. He is patient and changes up our sessions so often to keep things exciting.

I always look forward to the gym and have never felt better in my life!

I can’t thank Jemal enough!

                                                                         – Client Karen KhunKhun, CFox Radio

I have trained with Jemal for the last 1.5 years regularly, and being a 42 yr old businessman who has been athletic all my life I have some aches and pains to work around. Jemal has shown to be very adaptive in responding to these and my overall goals. 

When I have a day where my energy is just not into it, he adjusts on the fly quickly to still give me a rewarding workout. His knowledge, expertise and personality make him a great asset to the Steve Nash training team.

                                                                         – Anonymous Client 

Princess Labrador

Training with Princess is the best thing I have ever done for myself! In January of last year, I made a commitment to myself to make a lifestyle change as part of my New Year’s resolution. I wanted to get fit and to look better.  But most importantly, I wanted to be healthy. While I always prided myself in being healthy, the last 3 years before I started training with Princess have been quite stressful and personally challenging. I put myself aside and stopped taking care of myself, focusing instead on everyone else. This caused me to lose my “healthy” self.

The exercise programs she designs for me allow me to maximize my workout, lose weight, gain strength, and minimize my risk of injury. She is very caring and wants to see you succeed! She motivates, pushes, gives me good tips and keeps me wanting to come back for more! Princess also helped me realize how important it is to make the time for yourself. The amazing part is that each time Princess raises the bar, my body rises to the challenge. She encourages me every step of the way, and soon I am doing things I had no idea I am capable of.

I struggled with my “stress eating” habits, which was an important piece of the puzzle for my weight loss. Princess and I agreed that I would keep a food log, and send it to her each week for analysis. Believe me, knowing that you have to admit to everything you eat is enough to deter you from inhaling that bag of chips!

It has been a year now and I am half way to my weight loss goal of 40 pounds. With Princess’ guidance I know I will make it. My body is stronger than it has ever been, and I have dropped 3 clothing sizes. Thanks Princess for pushing me hard and for never taking no for an answer!

                                                                               – Client Arlene M.

Rob McKinlay

When I joined Steve Nash Sports Club I accepted the offer for a free fitness assessment.  Rob seemed genuinely interested in my overall health and wellness and although we focused primarily on the fitness aspect, he also asked a lot of questions about my general health and habits.  I had been away from the gym for about 3 years and wanted to get back into my own routine. I was at a point where I knew I needed help to move to the next level of fitness that’s why I started training with Rob.  We worked together once a week for 12 weeks and each session was completely different.  I wanted to learn new exercises which Rob did an amazing job providing me with lots of great new ideas.  He watched me very carefully to ensure that I was doing the exercises correctly and if I had any injuries or areas where I was sore, he made sure to work other areas that would help support the injured or sore part.  He would also explain why we were doing specific exercises and how they would help to provide balance and/or support the injured area.  As well as being incredibly knowledgeable about human kinetics and fitness, he made the time we spent together fun.  He seemed to know just how to push me to the right level.  Getting stretched out at the end was the icing on the cake.  I would highly recommend personal training with Rob!

                                                                               – Client Susan Dick