Other Than The Gym, I ♥ … Pt. 10

Don’t be fooled by this trainer. He may look like the most quiet trainer in the club, but this trainer actually loves throwing the best casual but really fun themed parties. Besides being a party trooper, Rob McKinlay is one heck of an athlete! Give him a ball and he can pass it, throw it, hit it, catch it, dribble it, shoot it and kick it. He finds the ball and explodes through it. Having recovered so quickly from a serious knee injury proves that he is very passionate about his sports and training. Now let’s dig into his list of things and activities he loves other than being around the gym.

1. Cleveland Browns

2. Winning

3. Cooking

4. Dancing

5. Counting Crows

Trainer Rob McKinlay

6. Balance

7. Toronto Raptors

8. Toronto Blue Jays

9. New Shoes

10. The Office

11. Road Trips

12. Boat Cruises

13. Fast Dogs

14. Tennis

15. Water Balloon Fights

16. New Era Hats

17. Seinfeld

18. Coordination

19. Pick 6’s

20a. BC
20b. Ontario

Other Than The Gym, I ♥ … Pt. 9

Being the youngest in our team, this soon-to-be trainer brings a unique yet challenging style in fitness training. Romney Pearson is our Pilates Reformer expert and will surely give you a great workout even though you are not doing sprints and not pumping irons. How about we take a look at the other things she loves aside from kicking butts on the Reformer equipment.

1. The smell of coffee in the morning

2. Maui

3. Magic Bullet smoothies

4. Anything vanilla scented

Pilates Instructor Romney Pearson

5. Friends episodes

6. Cheesecake

7. Brightly coloured nail polish

8. Red wine

9. Long drives with good music

10. Harbour dance classes

11. Shopping

12. Days at the beach

13. Orchids

14. Dogs

15. Family Guy

16. Drawing and painting

17. Live music

18. Sunny days

19. Baking

20. Wearing flip flops as often as possible

21. Weekend getaways

22. Raspberries

23. Boating in the summer

24. Watching movies on a rainy day

25. Going out for brunch

Other Than The Gym, I ♥ … Pt. 8

She is the newest gal in our team. As a rookie trainer, it is a bit of a challenge to get on the same pace as the veteran trainers who already have set their feet on the training ground. But that doesn’t seem to apply to Kimberly Dohaniuk. She already has a solid client base and still building! She clicked right in with everyone and everything seems to be a piece of cake for her. As she continues to get to know each of her gym colleagues, let’s get to know her as well and find out what she loves besides the gym stuff.

1. Passionate People

2. Spontaneous Travel

3. Dirtbiking with an empty mind

4. Laughing till I start to tear up

Trainer Kimberly Dohaniuk

5. Sincere Smiles

6. Music that gives me no choice but to dance like a maniac

7. Movies that make me feel Inspired or Happy

8. Wakeboarding in a new bikini

9. Vineyard hopping

10.Renovating Houses

11. New Clothes that make me feel sexy

12. Falling in Love

13. BBQ’s with great friends

14. Spa Treatments

15. The Colour RED

16. Meditating while Hiking

17. Hot bubble baths after a long hard day

18. Autobiographies

19. Aerobics to 80’s music

20. A Dog’s Love


Other Than The Gym, I ♥ … Pt. 7

His clients sign up for training sessions not only because of his expertise in training for marathon, triathlon and cycling but also because of his very enticing accent. Our kiwi bro, Eddie Smith, has a sense of humor that is subtle natural, although it might take a little while to understand it and get used to it. His adorable traits and athleticism have made him one of the most in-demand trainers in the gym, to the point that we wish we can clone him! Here are twenny wan fings he likes in no particular order.

1. running

2. good food
3. yoga

Trainer Eddie Smith

4. cycling
5. travelling
6. BBQs
7. Man vs Food
8. Racing
9. Olympics
10. live music
11. Summer
12. NFL
13. Being in the Outdoors
14. Sneakers
15. Helping people
16. Family and Friends
17. Long walks on the beach at sunset, well walking anyway
18. Cooking
19. Dogs
20. Coffee
21. Potato chips

Other Than The Gym, I ♥ … Pt. 6

Who doesn’t recognize this trainer? He once posed as a print model for Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch. Now he is the new face for our campaign ads. Yes, he is Mr. Personality. In other words, he is Alex Jack. Let’s get into more details about the other things he enjoys and loves to do aside from spending time at the gym.

1. spending time with friends

2. playing catch

3. swimming

4. politics

5. the Beatles

Trainer Alex Jack

6. playing the drums

7. fireworks

8. camping

9. history

10. basketball

11. shopping

12. cooking

13. hanging out with my nephews

14. tennis

15. dancing

16. BBQ’n

17. meeting people

18. football

19. sleeping in

20. flirting

Other Than The Gym, I ♥ … Pt. 5

She is a tough trainer who will never accept no for an answer. She rules the torture chamber on the workout floor but her clients always leave the gym with a smile on their faces. Cindy Elsliger takes her job seriously but let’s find out the soft side of her and the things she loves outside the gym scene.

1. Family, friends

2. Travelling and Exploring New Places

3. Helping others

4. Singing

5. Dancing

6. Watching Movies

Trainer Cindy Elsliger

7. Reading books

8. Romantic walks

9. Meditation

10. Fine Dining

11. I love windy days

12. Dogs

13. Boat cruises

14. Guitar

15. Listening to Music, Concerts

16. Cosmetics

17. Road trips

18. Modeling

19. Massage

20. Health

21. Psychology

22. Yoga

Other Than The Gym, I ♥ … Pt. 4

She is the bubbliest trainer in the club. Who will not remember this trainer who is either the sweetest girl on the workout floor or the loudest girl in the cycling studio. Nicole Kodric is very dedicated to her job as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She trains early morning clients every day, teaches classes in between shifts, and trains more clients during the PM peak hours. Now let’s get to know her outside the fitness zone!

1. Chocolate

2. Football
2a. Santana Moss
2b. Washington Redskins

3. Cycling indoors and out

4. Sleeping In

5. Swimming in lakes

6. Maui

Trainer Nicole Kodric

7. Jamaican Patties

8. White Wine

9. Running in Central Park

10. Nordstroms

11. Miami Girls only Trips

12. Painting my nails

13. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

14. Whitney Houston and all Whitney music

15. Sunshine and Warm Weather

16. Lilacs

17. Hiking

18. Curried Chicken from the Hidaway

19. Pyjamas

20. Young Jeezy

21. Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

22. Italian Shoes

23. Pineapple Infused Water

24. The color purple

25.  Toyota Celicas

26.  Waiting to Exhale (the movie)

27. African Inspired Art

28. Tigers

29. My crazy family and Friends

30. My orange cat Oliver