Pilates Principle: Precision

Similar to control, precision is an important skill to utilize during every work out. Each movement and exercise should be executed with the utmost precision to ensure proper alignment and muscle engagement; and in order to execute movement with precision, a great deal of focus and concentration is required.

The Pilates Reformer is one of the best possible places to develop muscular control and strengthen skills of precision. When mastered, you will get so much more out of each and every work out you do, no matter what it may be.

When utilized, skills of precision help you find and feel the correct muscles you should be working and further your overall body awareness.

To further your precision of movement, contact Romney Pearson at rpearson@stevenashsportsclub.com to book your free Reformer Pilates orientation. See you there!

Romney Pearson

“I have been taking duet Reformer Pilates classes with Romney Pearson for several months and I can’t imagine taking them with anyone else. Romney has a wonderful mix of knowledge, straight forward instruction and kind direction that makes Pilates a treat every week. I highly recommend Romney for anyone wanting to get started with Pilates as she’ll make it fun and easy. Pilates has changed all but eliminated my chronic headaches and neck problems and I couldn’t have done it without Romney’s guidance. Great work Romney!”

                                                                                             – Client Jeremy Mitchell

“Having a professional like Romney guide you into the reformer and pilates is truly the only way to do it.  My partner and I have been working with her for months and it’s been great.  She’s fun to work with, knowledgable, challenging and passionate about what she does.  There are a lot of trainers out there who can put their clients through the paces, but Romney truly cares about the individuals she works with.

Physically, my core is stronger than it’s been before, I feel taller, healthier and look forward to my reformer time every week. Honestly, anytime I’ve missed an appointment, I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back to work with Romney.  The week just isn’t the same without some pilates time!!”

                                                                                             – Client Jeremy Crittenden

Pilates Concept: Control

This week’s Pilates concept is “Control”.

During a workout, sometimes one of the hardest skills to master is control. This is often because of the all too common desire to work towards maximum repetition and total muscle exhaustion. When quantity becomes the main goal, correct body alignment, core engagement and proper muscle recruitment are often sacrificed. This is why quality should always come before quantity of movement.

Far too often I see individuals twisting their bodies in all sorts of compromising ways to turn out just 5 more repetitions while lifting weights. Even in the cardio area I see individuals on the elliptical or treadmill begin to lose their posture towards the end of their workout in order to push just 5 minutes longer. What they don’t realize is that they are often doing their body more damage than good.

If you find yourself in this mindset, try to slow down, control your movement and remind yourself that your exercises need to be executed properly. On your next push-up for example, slow it down! Try to find a space by a mirror where you can check out your form. Make sure that your head, hips and ankles are in one line.

During Reformer Pilates, exercises use spring resistance that forces you to move with a very high level of control. This type of training therefore yields multiple benefits for your other workouts. In fact, many of my clients have found that their Reformer Pilates sessions help them get the most out of their weight training, making their workouts much more effective.

For more information on the Reformer Pilates program, or to schedule your free orientation, please contact Romney Pearson at rpearson@stevenashsportsclub.com.

Pilates Principle: Concentration

This week’s Pilates concept is “Concentration”.

In all aspects of daily life, focus and concentration are required to perform our tasks effectively. This can often be a difficult undertaking however, with our minds providing such a significant distraction: what will I make for dinner tonight, did I call that client, am I supposed to pay that bill today etc. Therefore, perfecting our ability to focus on the task at hand is an invaluable skill.

Reformer Pilates classes are an excellent place to work on concentration, as every exercise is detail-oriented and requires a great deal of focus to be performed correctly. Your trainer will give cues that draw your attention to a particular muscle or part of the body that needs to be engaged, in turn preventing your mind from wandering to your personal or professional worries. The result? A calmer, clearer mind that can focus more readily when required.

So the next time you find your mind wandering while performing a particular task, take note without judgment and work on bringing your thoughts back to the task at hand. With repeated practice, your mind will naturally wander less and less.

To find out how Pilates can improve your ability to concentrate and help reduce stress, e-mail Romney Pearson at rpearson@stevenashsportsclub.com to schedule your free Reformer Pilates orientation!

Pilates Principle: Centering

The Pilates Principles are concepts that each and every person should strive to use not only during their Pilates workouts, but in every day life. Each week I will focus on a different Principle, and this week’s concept is “Centering”.

In Pilates, all exercises are sourced from the center of the body, often referred to as the powerhouse or more commonly, the core. This action of initiating movement from the core shouldn’t be unique to Pilates however, as it should be used throughout all actions. When working out at the gym for example, it is essential to first begin by centering the body and engaging your core before starting any exercise, whether it be weightlifting or running on the treadmill. The same goes for every day life when lifting heavy items, gardening, or engaging in any action that could cause stress to the spine. Eventually our goal should be to maintain a strong powerhouse connection at all times, in order to ensure that our spine, to the best of our ability, will be protected from injury. This takes a lot of practice, so try reminding yourself not only when you are doing your work out, but while doing everyday tasks such as when driving, walking to work or even while doing the dishes. Remind yourself to center the body.

To learn how to engage your core more effectively, try taking a Mat Pilates class; or better yet, book your free Reformer orientation at the club. For more information, please contact Romney Pearson at rpearson@stevenashsportsclub.com.

Happy Centering!