What is your 2010 Fitness Plan?

It’s a brand new year! The gym is super busy and the trainers are all busy training clients, working on guiding them to get to where they want to be fitness wise. Setting goals is very important, and of course the trainers have to do their work to make sure that their clients achieve these goals and also keep their clients motivated so they also do their part in terms of committing themselves to their fitness plan. So now I’m wondering what do our trainers actually have in store for their own 2010 fitness plan? Me (Princess) first – to run a 10k again, hit one spinning class a week again, start doing yoga again and practice pilates more. Seems like I missed doing all of these last year! So how about you team? What is your 2010 fitness plan?

How Do Weekends Affect Your Workouts?

I may have a job that I love, managing trainers and training my clients, but I thoroughly look forward to the weekends. I like to relax, sleep in, spend more time just doing anything, and do as little as my heart desires. Each day promises freedom and potential to do whatever I want!

Most of us have more free time on the weekends. Sure, we have chores to do – laundry to wash and groceries to buy, but we usually plan some much-needed football or hockey watching, naps and friendly socializing in there too.

When it comes to eating healthy and exercising, the weekend could either help or hurt your efforts. You probably have more time to plan and cook healthful meals on the weekend, but you’re also more likely to dine out on these days. Likewise, you probably have more time and freedom to work out on a Saturday than on a Monday, but many of us prefer to use the weekends as rest and recovery days.

Since my time is so scheduled around work, I get my workouts done after my shift… so yes, I do quick workouts every night: one day cardio, the next day total body weights. Yesterday, I mentioned to one of our trainers that I will come to the gym this weekend because it’s only on weekends that I can get a complete workout done. Since I have more time, I tend to fit in quite a bit more exercise. This is like a 2-hour workout compared to a 45-minute one on a working day. And luckily, I live just 10 minutes away from the gym!

So this led me to wonder: How do weekends affect your workouts?