Together In Fitness

Most people join a fitness club because they want to lose weight, get in shape, improve their health, etc. They have a specific desired outcome or results they’d like to see from their exercise program. They also realize the benefits of having professional instruction, structure and accountability in their own fitness programs. One-on-one and partner training programs are very effective and can produce a good return on your investment, but in all fairness the cost factor can be limiting factor for many individuals.

One of the hottest trends in the fitness industry right now is small group personal training. Small group personal training offers a unique opportunity to explore a new dimension of fitness by merging group fitness with personal training. It also offers classes that focus on a specialized format, individual progression and skill development.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get in good shape, maintain your form or figure or achieve another goal, one of the keys to any exercise plan is consistency. However, the challenges of exercising can be daunting for many people, and it’s common for people to give up after only a short period of time. Fortunately, a small group with the supervision of a personal trainer can help you to track your progress, maintain your efforts toward your ultimate goals, and have a lot more fun as you train than you would if you exercised by yourself. The group may be made up of a group of friends, work colleagues or even people with similar training goals or interests.

Keep Motivated

Most people find that it’s much easier to stay motivated if you do it with other people and not just by yourself. If you’re interested in getting in better shape, find a group of three to five other friends who are interested in achieving similar goals. All is needed is to establish a set of group policies that can help you to stay focused and on track.

Peer Support

When you’ve entered into a difficult stage of your fitness program, having people there alongside you to share in your experience and encourage you along the way is oftentimes the difference between a successful exercise plan and one that tends to fizzle out over time. Share in your challenges and your successes with your fellow group members, and be supportive of their efforts as well.

Fun Times

Most anyone will agree that exercising alone can become boring and tedious. When your exercising is boring or tedious, you’re that much more likely to give it up before you have had the chance to reap the full benefit of the training program. To keep yourself going, make use of your fellow group members. Having other people to talk to, encourage you and share experiences with while you work out can help you to have a good time while you exercise.

Research shows that members that are involved in group programs are more likely stick with it. With all of the previously mentioned benefits, how could you not want to keep coming back? When you stick with a well-constructed program, you will get the results. Small group personal training is the missing link that may be the answer to helping you reach your fitness goals. Give it a try!

From Sept. 4th to Sept. 16th, we are offering FREE small group personal training to members and guests. For session schedule and more info, or to reserve your spot please contact Princess Labrador at or call the club at 604-682-5213.

Anti-Gravity Yoga at SNSC

Anti-Gravity Yoga is back exclusively at the Steve Nash Sports Club Downtown. Try an introductory class to Anti-Gravity Yoga. This class is a unique fusion technique incorporating components of dance, Pilates and calisthenics relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to toe.

Spring 2012 Schedule:

Tuesday 4pm
Wednesday 11am
Thursday 1:15pm and 5:30pm
Friday 11am
Saturday 1pm
Sunday 1pm

Class Fee:

10 classes – $120 members $150 non- members

To book your free intro class, please contact Princess Labrador at









Trainers Boxing Fundamentals

Due to the growing trend and interest of incorporating mixed martial arts into client’s fitness programs, today I gathered my trainers for a 2.5 hours workshop on boxing fundamentals. The trainers learned how to teach basic boxing and kicking techniques to clients in a safe and effective manner. It was definitely a great learning experience for each of them and they also had a fun and challenging workout. The workshop was taught by our best boxing trainers: Stephen Boyle, KJ Turkson, Dusan Gligorijevic and Reggie Bradshaw. Great work team!





12 Days of Fitness


12 Days of Fitness

1)   Monday, Dec. 12th at 5pm: Power Lifts by Ian McWalter

2)   Tuesday, Dec. 13th at 1:30pm: Speed and Agility Drills by Alex Jack and Brendan Rolfe

3)   Wednesday, Dec. 14th at 3:30pm: *Intro to TRX Suspension Training by Phil Wittmer

4)   Thursday, Dec. 15th  at 5:30pm: Women on Weights by Kimberly Dohaniuk and Dawnia Livingstone

5)   Friday, Dec. 16th at 1pm: Skip and Box by Reggie Bradshaw and KJ Turkson

6)   Saturday, Dec. 17th at 12pm: Circuit Intervals by Spencer Snashall

7)   Sunday, Dec. 18th at 1pm: Metabolic Conditioning by Dusan Gligorijevic

8)   Monday, Dec. 19th at 6pm: The Paleo Workout by Stephen Boyle

9)   Tuesday, Dec. 20th at 3:30pm: Stretch 101 by Devon Goldstein

10) Wednesday, Dec. 21st at 4pm: Total Body Weights by Lane Brady

11) Thursday, Dec. 22nd at 7am: Core Pilates by Romney Pearson

12) Friday, Dec. 23rd at 5pm: Holiday Boot Camp by Nicky Samonte


The Warrior Challenge


Boxing, Strength and Conditioning

Saturdays at 12 pm

Starting July 23rd 2011

Join trainer Stephen Boyle in a specialized 6-week strength and conditioning program that is constantly varied in movements and based on functionality using boxing drills, battle ropes and kettle bells.

 3-7 participants: $55 each                8 or more participants: $40 each

Non-members are welcome.

To register please contact Princess Labrador at plabrador@stevenashsportsclub.comcall at 604-682-5213