Tedi Martin

Sitting cross-legged, close the eyes, bring your focus into the room, relax the shoulders, hands comfortably on the knees, sit up straight and lengthen the spine, chin to heart, full deep breath… Now breathe in the clean healthy fresh air filling up the lungs… now fully exhale the toxic air. Little did I know when I first heard these words how much they would change my life.  

Eighteen months ago I stepped into Tedi’s group lesson never having done Yoga in my life and having no idea what to expect. My basic objective and hope was to improve flexibility and core strength. To that point, my entire workout routine had been spent either in the gym lifting weights or running. I had been experiencing increasing knee pain, the occasional (but frequent) muscle injury and increasing hip and lower back problems and thought it’s time to overhaul my workout by blending low/minimal impact activities.

Initially it was challenging to continue each week so far outside my comfort zone as I was spending almost the entire lesson feeling weak (read: foolish) and out of balance as I bounced up and down unsuccessfully trying to hold each expression. Although frustrating, each lesson was enjoyable and I left feeling not only increased energy but also tangible progression. As my abilities slowly improved, I started increasing the number of group sessions and added a private weekly session with Tedi to improve my form.

Yoga has evolved into an integral part of my life even doing it on my own in hotel rooms each morning while travelling for work. One unanticipated yet significant benefit from Yoga has been the increased consciousness of breathing which has improved relaxation. Working in a high pressure job, the benefits are already significant.  

My core strength feels rock solid, my back and hips feel stable (and flexible) and I am confident that in 10 – 20 years I am going to maintain a high level of fitness and have low chance of any back, hip or knee ailments.

Full credit to Tedi. She has been an amazing guide; enthusiastic, inspirational, passionate, knowledgeable, completely in tune with my abilities and very respectful of my progression each session.

It’s difficult to imagine anyone else being so successful and cultivating my passion to the point where I can’t imagine life without Yoga!

                                                                                             – Client Quintin Mai