This Is It (MJ Style Staff Farewell)

Grab a box of tissues people. This could get emotional. This isn’t going to be a quick, cold-hearted, poisonous goodbye…this is going to be the most elaborate, most potent form of farewell known to man and woman.

Where to begin…

Working here has literally been one of the most magnificent, indescribable privileges I’ve ever been blessed with. The people, the management and the energy is beyond acknowledgement. I’ve learned so much and met so many great people. Unfortunately, those of you in whom have not met me yet…too bad. I still love you.

Quincy, you are one amazing person that I will never NOT speak of in all my future achievements and so on and so forth…those of you who don’t know Quincy like I know Quincy…he has like…500+ connections on LinkedIn. That’s heart attack serious. He’s basically a virtual gangster…and he will also be the future Ari Gold of my career. Really, though. Your professionalism bleeds and your passion is what makes this club – this club. You’re going to go a long way in life. Keep the enthusiasm and drive Samy-Chee-Yuh. We got big things coming. Love.

A.J. – You psychic son of a Nicaraguan. You are a motivator and a natural born leader. Your energy is amazing and your passion and patience will truly take you a long way. I’ll definitely miss you and we’ll for sure keep in touch. How does that make you feel? But, before you reply. Please, take a seat. Now, can I help you? A.J, working with you has been my pleasure. You took a lot of the pressure off my shoulders with your calm snap back into reality checks. You could calm a thunder with your words and monotone voice. A(dot)J(dot). One love.

Chris Lacrazy – I don’t even know you. But, exactly. That’s how we do big guy. Thanks for being a push. My hatred for you wanted me to succeed. Then I started to love. Now, it’s love. So, love. We’ll keep in touch buddy! Thanks for everything.

Laura, Nat, Marc, Scott – We almost made it to love. But, fell short a couple of relationship building opportunities but it’s all game. Hold up. Scott, word up rock star. Thanks for the bottle of dreams. I’ll use it for fuel. Never the less. Love you all.

Princess – You lost oompaloompa pandesal selling palabok spring roll. You’re a rock and your jumpy soul will get you right back into the chocolate factory. I’m only kidding. Princess, words simply can’t explain how you’ve enhanced my experience here at the club. You keep me in such a beautiful, moderate tempo and kept my song singing. I know, you’re falling in love with me but we have to go our separate ways. I have your number, and I forcefully entered mine in your phone…and we will definitely keep in touch. Mahal-Kita atay.

Reggie – You tall, black soldier. You’re beyond a personal trainer, hands down. You’re a legitimate guy at the end of the day and it shows. Keep it real as you do man. Your future is definitely black….I mean; bright. I’ll be sure to take it easy on you next time we grapple. Didn’t mean to embarrass you so hard that day in front of like..what? 200+ members? Kidding bro. Good look! We’ll keep in touch! One love always.

Joe – You interval monster. With training like that I’ll be able to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with an elephant strapped to my soul. Solid training and thank you so much for all the tips on certification and so on. Definitely a new step on fitness. We’ll meet again soldier. Love.

Dusan, Ian and Spencer – Seriously. You three are brothers trapped in different bodies from around the world. Diancer. That’s all of your names put together. I love you guys like hell and seriously thank you for all of the moral support and smooth working experience. I look forward to see all of your progression and sincerely wish you all the best. Thanks for all the training and killer training sessions! Trio Love.

Stephen – Bruce Lee wants his skills back. Love.

Tiffany (and all other front desk) – Straight up. You all made me job really fun. You almost made it exciting for me to come to work. But, you didn’t make it that far. Kidding, you’re all beautiful in your own special way. The way you guys fold those towels….gahdayum…makes me want to eat a dotfit bar. I’ll miss you all so much and thank you all for the opportunity and patience in working with me. Love.

Jess – ❤ (Yeah people. Jaw dropper huh?)

For all of those whom I did not have a chance to acknowledge. It’s really nothing personal. These are people in whom I simply built beautiful relationships with and now you’re sitting there wondering why you didn’t take that chance with me. Haha, kidding. You’re all beautiful people and I cherish all of our unknown relationships. It’s all about love and giving thanks and quite frankly; thank you all. I straight up love you guys and girls. Keep your diligence and poise and remember at the end of the day we all have something special to offer. Be you and don’t lose yourself to negativity. Stay positive and just sit as the universe conspires to your every thought and manifests in your needs. Don’t ever give up on what you love and remember peace is what we’re all looking for. Never shrink the dream to match the reality, and with that; dream unrealistically, love abundantly and live blissfully. I love you all so dearly and bless. We’ll all meet again soon.


Sean Curtis Fitzgerald McDonald Jr.

Get outside!

Those who live in Vancouver year round and are privy to the changing seasons know that there is nothing like the city on a warm sunny day!  Take the view of a sparkling skyline, a spectacular mountain and forest backdrop, add water (view of the ocean) and sunshine – and you have the formula for visual and experiential magnificence.

Last Sunday was the BMo marathon and half marathon (a couple of my clients participated), and it was a perfect day for running.  This weekend is slightly warmer and even nicer, and the amount of people out and about on the Seawall is incredible!  And they all share something in common:  the desire to be outside and moving – doing something physical – when it’s bright and warm.  This natural instinct to be more active when the days are longer and sunnier is built into our circadian rhythms.  So follow your instincts!

It doesn’t matter WHAT you do, just do SOMETHING.  Standing burns twice as many calories as sitting, and walking at a moderate pace burns roughly three times as many as sitting, so even if you don’t feel like engaging in vigorous exercise you can still benefit your body and burn an extra few hundred calories by going for a pleasant walk.  Moving your body, breathing fresh air deeply into your lungs and surrounding yourself with beautiful scenery will improve your mental state (and perhaps your spiritual one) as well.  If you have a favourite fair weather outdoor activity – now is the time to do it!  Or, if you are looking for some ideas on how to incorporate more activity into your leisure time, speak to one of our personal trainers;  some of us even take clients outdoors for part of their session to seize the day!

So put on your shoes, take a deep cleansing breath, and go play!


– written by Laurie Smith, Personal Trainer