Day in, day out you read or hear about the latest exercise, training fad, outrageous diet or the “coolest” piece of equipment. All of these things play their role in educating people and helping them to get the most from their bodies. But a huge factor which is highly underestimated and undervalued is consistency.

You mightn’t have the greatest amount of knowledge or the brightest Lululemon clothing, but if you’re the type of person that’s committed and dedicated, then you’re the one getting the results.

In my opinion, results can be simply based on three factors:

  • Consistency
  • Intensity
  • Diet

You have control over all three. If you consistently go to the gym e.g 2-3 times a week every week instead of 5 times one week and 0 times the following, you will allow your body adapt progressively hence improved body composition (increased muscle mass, decreased body fat %).

Intensity plays a huge role as well. If you go through the motions in the gym, aimlesly doing reps at a random weight, your consistency won’t pay off.

No doubt some of you will be like, “Ian I don’t know WHAT I’M DOING!!”. To that I answer, ask a qualified trainer. With every membership at our clubs you get a free Orientation. Use these Orientations to increase your knowledge and set you straight regarding exercies myths which you may have heard.

Last but not least, diet. At this stage most people have a basic understanding on what’s good and what we should avoid. If you’re consistent, train with intensity and fuel your body properly, then the possibilites are limitless.

Summer is around the corner, talk to us, educate yourself and get back into a routine. You won’t regret it 🙂

Happy Training,

Ian McWalter


Lose weight by drinking water?!



Yes it is true.  This is an easy way to lose weight, improve cognitive skills, and increase energy.  Spring is already here and with the longest day of the year only 10 weeks away lets work on losing those few extra pounds for summer.  Stay hydrated by drinking at least 3 liters per day.


Drinking water is an inexpensive, time efficient way to lose those pounds.  Our body burns calories by processing the water.  Remember to drink warm water or hot water to keep your core temperature up since we use more energy to cool the body than we do to warm it up.  More energy=more calories burned.


Enjoy your Easter Sunday by maintaining at least 30 minutes of exercise today! 


Jesse Neufeld

Functional Fitness with Jesse

Anti-Gravity Yoga at SNSC

Anti-Gravity Yoga is back exclusively at the Steve Nash Sports Club Downtown. Try an introductory class to Anti-Gravity Yoga. This class is a unique fusion technique incorporating components of dance, Pilates and calisthenics relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to toe.

Spring 2012 Schedule:

Tuesday 4pm
Wednesday 11am
Thursday 1:15pm and 5:30pm
Friday 11am
Saturday 1pm
Sunday 1pm

Class Fee:

10 classes – $120 members $150 non- members

To book your free intro class, please contact Princess Labrador at









Getting the best workout – Mind AND Matter

Have you ever had one of those days where you get to the gym and feel lackluster about the prospect of working out, let alone working hard?  Don’t lie – of course you have.  Everyone does, even professional athletes and trainers.  So what can you do to enhance the mental component of your workout when you just aren’t really “into” it?

They always say “dream big” but in this case start small.  If a 90-minute gut bustin’ heart-pounding workout seems like a daunting prospect, shelve that expectation and pick something more manageable.  20 minutes of moderate cardio on your favourite piece of equipment watching your favourite TV channel.  Or a submaximal circuit of weights.  Or perhaps just 10 minutes of stretching.

Once you have chosen your workout mission, set your intention. (we do this all the time at the beginning of a yoga practice).  Sit with your eyes closed for a minute, be aware of your breathing, and focus your thoughts on the modest workout goal you selected.  Give yourself a sweet positive affirmation and get started.  To avoid getting distracted, pick a focal point for each exercise.  If you are doing weights, perhaps count the reps for your sets, or time them with your breathing.  Mentally put your energy into the muscle being targeted.  If you are doing cardio breathe deeply to bring nourishing oxygen into your lungs.

You will be surprised at how quickly time passes and how easy it is to do the mini workout for which you set your intention.  Often you will feel like doing more!  Give yourself a mental high-five and train a little bit longer.  You will feel GREAT afterwards for your accomplishment, both physically and mentally.

It is said that wherever the mind can go, the body can follow.  Lead with your belief and intention, and you will impress yourself and others.

– written by Personal Trainer Laurie Smith, recently certified Hot Yoga instructor

Trainers Boxing Fundamentals

Due to the growing trend and interest of incorporating mixed martial arts into client’s fitness programs, today I gathered my trainers for a 2.5 hours workshop on boxing fundamentals. The trainers learned how to teach basic boxing and kicking techniques to clients in a safe and effective manner. It was definitely a great learning experience for each of them and they also had a fun and challenging workout. The workshop was taught by our best boxing trainers: Stephen Boyle, KJ Turkson, Dusan Gligorijevic and Reggie Bradshaw. Great work team!