We LOVE Vancouver!!!

I am a Canucks fan and I am heartbroken by their Stanley Cup loss against the Bruins. But I never thought their great accomplishments this season will end in horrifying acts of violence and destruction. This is a beautiful city and Vancouver deserve better than the riots that night. This city CAN STILL BE a great place for visitors from around the world. I have full respect for the people who cleaned up, the police officers who defended it as best they could and our city officials for vowing to rebuild and catch those who caused such harm.


Heroes always emerge amidst chaos and despair. THANK YOU Vancouver Police, volunteers and other agencies involved for going beyond the call in restoring HOPE and order to our fine city. We, the POSITIVE people of Vancouver, are the TRUE Vancouverites and we have a STRONGER presence, a LOUDER voice, and a GREATER power than these hooligans and criminals will ever have. They must know that we do NOT tolerate this kind of behavior and we WILL see justice done.

And, for the greatest impact, we should adopt the philosophy that for every time harm is done to our community, we should turn around and do GOOD things for our neighbours, our community, our city, and let the world know that we RESPECT our city… WE LOVE VANCOUVER!!!